Monday, 7 January 2013

Dreams and sleepless nights.............

Why are dreams so totally ridiculous and generally full of the most utter nonsense? 

I had this one last night. 

It was a beautiful sunny day and I was out for a bike ride with a friend. I have no idea who this person was, never seen her before in my life, but according to the dream I knew her well. We were heading back home and she said she would lead the way.  I didn’t recognise any of the places we were passing and asked her if this was really the correct way home.  She wasn’t sure. We then saw this crowd of people sitting outside a cafe or pub and I went up to this man and asked him where we were. He starting talking in French and I asked if he spoke English. He said yes and then told us we were in France. I asked him how we got there and he said we must have taken the ferry. So I turned to my friend and asked her if she remembered getting on a ferry, because I didn’t, she replied no.  So then I ask him how long it would take us to get home and he said two weeks. I couldn’t understand how it could take us about half an hour to get there but two weeks to get back home. 

Then it’s the next day and I’m leaving a doctors surgery, still in France I believe, with an old woman. I think it was supposed to be my mum.  The French guy was waiting outside for me and asked me if it went okay, to which I replied yes.  He then leaned towards me and gave me a kiss on the lips. At first I got a mouthful of grey moustache. He then stuck his tongue in my mouth and whispered, ‘I love you so much’.  I thought this odd, considering I had only met him the day before.

They say dreams are supposed to mean something or are a reflection of things that are on your mind. Hmmm, it’s baffled me. 

I suppose on the bright side I should be thankful that I was sleeping.  I have had trouble getting to sleep for about two years now.  Prior to that I slept like a baby, anytime, anyplace, anywhere. In fact I often felt I needed too much sleep and wished I had more energy. I have known people who have had insomnia, but never appreciated how annoying it is.  Sometimes I am not tired at all, other times I am really tired, but just can’t sleep.  I am not aware that I am worrying about anything in particular. 

The other night it was 1.30am and I had been lying in bed for about 2hrs, tossing and turning.  I then decide to get up and go for a drive in the car. I drove to where my grandparents used to have their farm, stopped off at a garage and bought a mocha (probably not a good thing to drink if I am trying to get to sleep), then drove back home. I am not sure what time I got to sleep in the end but remember the church clock, in Dartford centre, chiming 3am.  What’s most annoying is I know if I don’t sleep well at night I’ll end up feeling crap mid afternoon the next day. 

Last night, after an hour of tossing I was starting to drift off when I was bought too by the sound of cats fighting. I thought it was coming from the lounge and Mr T was bullying Miss H, yet again. I sat up in bed and shouted at him, then realised the noise was coming from the garden.  Mr T was probably having an argument with one of the local cats; he doesn’t seem to like cats very much, despite being one. So while I considered getting up and intervening in the dispute, it went deathly quiet. But alas I was wide awake again and back to counting sheep.
The cats do disrupt my sleep at lot. Most nights, as soon as I get into bed, they both jump aboard and decide it’s time for mummy love.  Both of them want to be stroked and compete for my hands by walking all over me and trying to block the other from getting access.  If I just ignore them then I get tapped on the head or swiped across my nose with a sharp claw.   Sometimes the only way to escape is to burrow under the duvet, although I do find this rather suffocating.  They try to dig me out, but once they realise mummy is unreachable they eventually give up.  Unfortunately this whole exercise can take up to an hour, by which time I am fully awake and can’t get back to sleep.  Then once I do eventually drift off it starts all over again in the morning, when they decide it’s about time mummy got up and served breakfast. 

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John said...

If you want to sleep get rid of your cats. Dreams are the guardian of sleep according to Dr Freud but there again dreams are another type of sleep.

You won't get rid of your cats as there your family. Families always cause problems.

Isn't life a conundrum...John